1.5m X 0.5m Carbon Fibre 3d Vinyl Wrap Air Bubble Free Interior Body Computer

New Self Adhesive Bubble Free Vinyl Wrap 3D Carbon Fibre Type

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Product Description

1500mm x 500mm (1.5m x 0.5m) Sheet


This vinyl wrap is in black 3d carbon fibre effect, is versatile so can cover anything from car body parts to computers, wardrobes, etc. use it to wrap whatever you want!
The vinyl wrap is versatile it can be used to wrap anything from entire cars (interior or exterior) to small items like ipods, phones and other electronic items, utensils and boxes, etc. Its bubble free so easier to apply.
The vinyl wrap is resilliant and will protect whatever it wraps from scratches and the elements. Please measure the area you want to cover to ensure this sheet is big enough, also no instructions are included with this item.

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