New Universal Turbo Diesel Dump Valve Kit

Brand new universal dump valve for turbo diesel engines, Will fit any diesel turbo engine with an intercooler

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Product Description

Why do you need a Blow-off Valve (BOV)?

To eliminate compressor surge when changing gears. Excessive back pressure is created when the throttle is closed during gear changes or deceleration, causing turbo cavitation. This is detrimental to the life of your turbocharger, however fitting a BOV will substantially improve this problem. By installing a BOV you will significantly reduce turbo spool up time. You will notice a substantial improvement in response from your turbo between gearshifts. Boost will come on earlier giving an increase in torque at lower RPM.


The BOV must flow enough to eliminate compressor surge. This helps boost response between gear changes intern reducing wear and possibly a bearing failure in you Turbocharger.

Please note a t-piece maybe required for some cars to connect up the dump valve

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