Side Steps Running Board for Range Rover Sport 2005-2013

Aluminium Side Steps for Range Rover Sport 2005 to 2013 models, manufactured from durable aluminium and plastic (same as the oem side steps).

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Product Description

Side Steps Running Boards for Range Rover Sport 2005-2013

• Left & right sides

• Made from quality aluminum

• For all 2005 to 2013 models

These side steps or running boards have been designed specifically for all Range Rover Sport vehicles from the years 2005 to 2013. They’ll make a great addition to your vehicle. These steps have a black texturized plastic surface over a durable silver aluminum structure.

They can replace your old, worn, or dented running boards, or be installed if your vehicle doesn’t already have them.

There is one pair in this set, for right side and left side. These are similar to the Range Rover OEM side steps, but more affordable. You can still expect the same high-quality plastic and aluminum materials. The surface of the steps has an anti-slip black PVC surface that provides for extra grip, even when it’s raining or snowing.

Side steps can assist children, seniors, and people with mobility issues to give them a boost into the vehicle. No need to sell and buy a new vehicle just because circumstances change. The side steps will provide easier access to your Range Rover Sport. This is ideal for families of all sizes and ages. Passengers will be more comfortable.

Running boards also provide a stylish way to upgrade the appearance of your vehicle, from the years 2005 to 2013, without having to sell a vehicle that still provides reliable service. This is also a good way to update your vehicle so you can get more cash for it if you’re selling it, or to provide a higher trade-in price if you’re buying a new vehicle.

These side steps are very similar to the OEM Range Rover Sport running boards, but at only a fraction of the cost. You may also notice how costs can escalate for older Range Rovers as demand increases for older vehicles.

Turborevs was established to provide a solution for people who want to keep their vehicles up-to-date but don’t want to go broke doing it. Our car and SUV parts and accessories are very similar to OEM design, but at a fraction of the cost.

Besides the two running boards or side steps, you’ll also get the sill, brackets, nuts, and bolts with the kit.

We recommend professional installation of the kit, so that your new side steps or running boards will look like they’re an original part of the vehicle, without the gaps or unevenness that can occur when a hobbyist installs parts.

If you require a fitting service, please contact Turborevs for a quote. While you’re shopping online, please search our site for other parts and accessories for your Range Rover Sport, from years 2005 to 2013

Professional Installation recommended

We can also offer a fitting service contact us for a quote

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