Universal Buzzer Reversing Parking Sensor Kit

This simple buzzer parking sensor enhances the process of parking and reversing Designed with safety in mind and for vehicles that have poor rear visibility such as SUVs and other large vehicles which increase the risk of hitting obstacles such as another vehicle, small object, or even people when driving in reverse. With reverse parking sensors installed, drivers can lower the risk of collision when reserving or parking.

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Product Description
New Universal Reverse Buzzer Parking Sensor kit Turborevs parking sensor includes simple fit buzzer parking sensor kit. These parking sensors are designed to make parking in tight and small spots simple, and universal fit so will fit any car, MPV, 4x4 and SUV. This system consists of multiple ultrasonic detectors and sensors, a mainframe and a buzzer. The system will work automatically to detect the obstacles at the rear of your vehicle when you reverse. The parking sensor system works by the sensors on the bumper emitting signals which bounce off the nearest object and back to the sensor. This is how the sensor calculates the distance from the object the closer the sensor gets to the object the shorter the sound. This is the same technology that you will be familar with having seen fitted as OEM equipment on cars from new. Whats included? 4 x Parking Sensors (black, and can be painted) 1 x Mainframe controller 1 x Buzzer 1 x Drill bit Universal fit 4 Reverse parking sensors Full weather proof sensors Intermittant audible signals begin when the obstruction is within the sensor detecting range. An unbroken signal warns of a minimum distance allowing the vehicle to be stopped in safety Drill bit included (to make the correct size hole in the bumper) Instructions and wiring diagram included
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