Universal Turbo Manual Boost Controller and Gauge Kit 2

New Turborevs 2 in 1 Turbo kit (manual boost controller and smoked faced boost gauge).

This kit is suitable for any turbocharged car

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Product Description

Turborevs complete turbo boost controller kit provides adjustment from 1 to 30 PSI, by simply adjusting the bleeding screw with the Hex key (provided). Turborevs turbo boost controller is designed to be mounted inside the car and allows for boost adjustment on the run. Ideal for the active enthusiast.

  • Fits any turbo charged car running between 1-30 PSI
  • Quality CNC machined with Anodized Aluminium
  • Detent System for ease of adjustment
  • Gated System to bring boost on faster
  • All necessary tubes (upto 1 meter hose) and clips included

Smoked Turbo Boost Gauge: 

This Turbo Boost Gauge is perfect mix between high quality and stylist design. Works great with all turbochargers (petrol or diesel). When the car is turned off the gauge becomes dark and completely unreadable but when the car is turned back on it lights up. The gauge can measure up to 2 BAR (29PSI) in boost and is sufficient enough for almost all applications including race and drag. These turbo boost gauges are perfect for those who run a manual boost controller and you are able to read the various changes you have made with a quick glance at the boost gauge.   

  • Universal fit, will fit any petrol or diesel turbo charged car
  • Smoked faced dial
  • 52mm dial
  • Measure turbo boost levels

Whats included in this Turbo kit?

  • Manual Boost Controller
  • Smoked 52mm Turbo Boost Gauge with fitting kit

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