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Why You Will Love Turborevs’ Modified Car Parts 

Our retail stores in London and Bolton are stacked with all the essentials you need to tune and style your car, modifying not just the looks but also enhancing your cars performance. 

From simply upgrading your lighting to having a roaring exhaust installed; we have it all! 

Visit our stores or order online and take advantage of free delivery all over Mainland UK, ensuring good quality parts at your doorsteps. 

Exhaust Back Boxes 

Elevate your driving experience with our exhaust back boxes, giving your ride a befitting roaring sound. Replace your quiter in-built back-box and give your car a new look with our stainless steel back-box, enhancing your car’s performance. Get yours today and make your vehicle roar with Turborevs’ finest back-boxes. 

Sidesteps and Body Styling 

Customise your car with our sidesteps and body styling equipment. Ranging from 4×4 Side Steps, Lambo door kits, to Vinyl wrap and wind deflectors, we offer all types of customizable accessories for your vehicles. 

Vehicle Lighting 

No modified car is complete without bright White Headlights. Browse through a range of excellent headlights that offer a personal touch with style. Our HID Xenon lights are some of the brightest in the market, projecting a daylight white colour.  

Our lights are supplied with everything you need to install the bulbs yourself, showing you exactly how to access and replace the lights. 

Ride-On Toy Cars 

Upholding our commitment to serving all those with a love for cars, Turborevs offers a variety of ride-on toy cars for the underage to enjoy the exhilarating thrill of motor vehicles. Ranging from E-scooters to toy cars, we provide the finest toy cars for your children. 

Performance and Tuning Parts 

Pre-fitted car parts serve their purpose decently, but they also come with several limitations, such as overheating engines or limited horsepower. Once you decide to take your car above and beyond, you will also need to get your hands on some of the latest intercoolers and air filters to satisfy your car.  

With a larger surface area, Turborevs’ Intercoolers allow your car to function efficiently, pushing your car’s limit to the max. With our performance intercoolers, the engine can be grazed with cooler air, effectively raising its power limits. Say goodbye to overheated engines and relish driving with extra Torque and power. 

Gaming Chairs 

Experience leisure with our comfortable gaming chairs designed to give you the gaming experience of your life. These chairs come with reclineable backrests and height adjustment options, ensuring a perfect fit for your relaxation. Made with high-grade leather, these rally chairs truly give you the feel of a sports car seat. 

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