Exhaust Flexi Pipes & Connectors

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What is an exhaust Flexi pipe?
All exhaust systems have a Flexi or flexible pipe, the purpose of the flexible pipe is to absorb vibrations generated by the car and road when driving. This helps reduce any cracks in the rigid pipe work of the exhaust system.

What is the Flexi pipe made from?
The exhaust Flexi pipe is flexible and manufactured from braided stainless steel, which gives the flexible pipe is flexibility.

Can a flexi pipe be repaired?
A small leak in a Flexi pipe can cause exhaust gases to escape they can be repaired by welding the hole however this won’t be a permanent repair it is best to replace the section of Flexi pipe with a new one. Rather than replacing the complete exhaust system an inexpensive repair can be done by cutting off the existing exhaust flexible pipe and fitting a new one by either welding or clamping it on.

Every vehicle has a different size Flexi pipe so its best to measure your Flexi pipe to ensure you order the correct one for your vehicle.