Universal Body Styling Parts

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There are various parts you can add to the exterior of a car to enhance the look, style and aerodynamics. There are full-body kits available that can do this and dramatically change the appearance of your car alternatively you can add subtle body parts which can improve the car's styling and aerodynamics.

Simple parts such as adding a bumper lip firstly protect your car's bumper (especially if it's lowered) from scrapes and scratches but can also improve the downforce of your car. By adding a bumper lip or bumper splitter also improves the cars look and gives it’s a more lowered look. A bumper lip can be added to the front or rear bumpers. The bumper lip is fitted using screws, double-sided tape (most bumper lips will have that on them) or glue, for a good secure fit, is it recommended a bumper lip is glued on. The bumper lip can be shaped to meet the contours of the car by heating it up with a heat gun or hairdryer. At Turborevs we do universal bumper lips in black and carbon fibre effect.

Another simple body styling part that can be fitted and changes the look of the car sides skirts or spats. The side skirts are fitted to the side of the car between the driver's door and rear section of the car, they improve the styling of the car and also improve the airflow thus increasing the car's aerodynamics. At Turborevs we do universal side skirts which can be cut to size to fit most cars.

The most common body styling accessory that is fitted to cars to improve the look and aerodynamics is a boot spoiler, by adding a boot spoiler changes the look of the rear of the car and also add some downward force. A boot spoiler is the most common addition people do to their car. At Turborevs we do carbon fibre effect boost spoilers which are universal and simple to fit