Catalytic Converters

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Catalytic converters are an essential in any vehicle, as these parts play an important role in filtering out the harmful emissions from your exhaust system. With a honeycomb-like design, catalytic converters revert harmful emissions into their less malignant counterparts. Based on the UK’s road laws, driving a vehicle without a catalytic converter is illegal, meaning you should never compromise on these devices. Turborevs features an impressive selection of catalytic converters, ranging from universal converters to a few model specific types. These converters also come in a few different types such as oxidation catalysts and three-way catalytic converters. As the name suggests, oxidation catalysts employ oxygen as the main catalysing component, while three-way converter use the process of reduction to convert harmful gasses into their benign counterparts. These devices have played an essential role in acting as a barrier between the encroaching effect of climate change on the planet. Today, catalytic converters have become more important than ever in the history of the planet, meaning having one installed in your vehicle is a must.