Catalytic Converters

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Sports Performance Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter treats exhaust gases from the engine to ensure harmful pollutants and toxins are removed before they enter the atmosphere from the exhaust system. A sports catalytic convertor will still treat the harmful pollutants and toxins from the engine but it's done in a slightly different way.

A sports catalytic convertor will have a number of thin channels which allows for better air flow compared to a standard catalytic convertor, the core in a Sports Catalytic Convertor which treats the harmful exhaust pollutants and toxins are different as they contain precious metals which treat exhaust gases. Therefore the airflow is improved with a sports catalytic convertor which improves the performance of the car and also the sound of the exhaust note.

Turborevs range of universal sports cats come in two sizes 2” and 2.5”, the size you need will depend on the pipe diameter of your existing exhaust system pipe work. These sports catalytic convertors are welded on and also have a hole to fit the O2 sensor so you don’t get any engine management lights to come on.