Exhaust Backboxes

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Exhaust Back Box

A Turborevs Exhaust Backbox will Improve the sound and look of your car without breaking the bank, with a good selection of performance exhaust backboxes to choose from, you are sure to find the right exhaust that meets your taste.
Exhaust back boxes can be collected in store from our London store or our Bolton Store or ordered online for free Uk Mainland Delivery

What is the benefit of replacing my current exhaust?
If you are looking to fit a new exhaust system, there is a good chance that you are either looking to upgrade your vehicle’s exhaust for sound and performance or perhaps the existing exhaust system on your car is old and rusted and is no longer doing its job efficiently.

How does a performance exhaust back box work?
Turborevs Performance exhaust Backboxes work in a way where air moves into and out of the combustion chamber when the intake and exhaust valves open and close.

Do Performance Exhaust Backboxes help improve BHP?
Better airflow in the exhaust can help your car to generate more BHP. The speed at which the exhaust gasses pass out of the engine places a limit on how quickly you can get fresh air into the engine and thus how much power can be made. A better flowing exhaust will improve the power your engine can make.

How can I Make my exhaust sound deeper?
A Turborevs Exhaust Backbox will sound louder and deeper as the size of the bore on the exhaust pipe is larger. When your exhaust pipe is very narrow, it’s only going to be able to produce so much sound. So, the perfect solution to make the sound louder and deeper is to fit a Turborevs Exhaust backbox.