Exhaust & Backboxes

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Exhaust Backboxes are the basics in car modification, and Turborevs offers some of the highest quality backboxes in all of the UK. Exhaust backboxes are a significant part of a vehicle’s exhaust system, as the main purpose of these devices is to provide a smooth exit to the car’s emissions. With these devices performing such integral functions, backboxes do tend to get worn out, which means you’ll have to take care of regular maintenance and replacements Luckily, Turborevs offers a wide range of exhaust backboxes that are suitable for a variety of vehicles, no matter the make or the model. To most people, the rear-end part of a vehicle may not seem important for the car’s functioning, yet it performs an essential function that has a direct connection with the overall performance and driving experience of your car. Primarily, back boxes perform the function of limiting the noise produced by gasses when they pass through the exhaust system. Moreover, Turborevs’ backboxes offer another aesthetically pleasing benefit – a roaring noise. For most car tweakers and modifiers, this benefit triumphs over all, and rightly so as these backboxes have the potential to rev up your vehicle into a thunderous machine. In general, a quality exhaust backbox should be able to last you about 45,000 miles before any need for maintenance and replacement arises. However, another factor that can play a part in an earlier replacement is damage from wear and tear or from impact.