Air Filters & Induction Kits

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An air induction kit improves the airflow of the car's engine allowing it to breathe more as a result of this extra airflow additional fuel is consumed which then increases the power of the car slightly. An induction kit replaces the car standard air filter with a large cone filter and also comes with pipework to route the air filter to the front of the car. This is so as you drive along the outside air is sucked into the air filter more easily and into the car's engine.

Depending on the type of induction kit used it can increase the power from 2-10BHP. Also by fitting an induction kit to a car, it can also change the sport providing it with a more sporty sound from the engine, this sound is a result of more air being sucked by the engine.

There are various types of induction kits differences would be brands, etc. You are able to get universal inductions kits these will typically come with pipework and an air filter, you would then use what you need from the pipework to fit your car, on some cars modifications may be needed to fit a universal induction kit. A universal induction kit would be a lot cheaper than an induction kit designed to fit a specific car.

An induction kit to fit a specific car would be a lot easier to fit than a universal kit however a kit designed to fit a specific car would cost a lot more than a universal kit. A car specific induction kit would include an air filter and the relevant pipework to fit the car (including any clamps, etc).