Decat and Downpipes

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Decat pipes are straight pipes that simply replace your vehicle’s catalytic converter. This practice is quite common among car enthusiasts as the results are impressive in terms of increasing both performance and power. Turborevs makes it easy for all the petrol lovers to tweak out their cars with an impeccable collection of decat pipes – perfect for any vehicle, no matter the model or make. A decat pipe allows exhaust gasses to flow much more freely, creating less back-pressure on the engine and offering an improved throttle response. This has made the process of decatting very popular among car tweakers and modifiers. Most cars are sold with pre-fitted catalytic converters, with the purpose of converting emissions into less harmful variants. However, this process creates back-pressure on the engine, which results in a decrease in horsepower and performance of your car. By replacing the catalytic converter with a decat pipe, exhaust gasses flow more easily, resulting in much less back-pressure. This has made the process of decatting extremely popular among car enthusiasts.