Can a Decat Pipe Give More Power?

decat pipe

What’s the one thing that every vehicle owner looks for?

More power.

From quick and cheap to extensive and expensive, there are a variety of methods to increase your vehicle’s brake horsepower (BHP) — one of which is installing decat pipes. 

The trick is not to give your engine more power, but to efficiently use the power it already has. Turborevs explains below how decat pipes can do that.


What Do Decat Pipes Do?

An exhaust system typically comprises the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, muffler, resonator and tailpipe. As a whole, its function is to reduce the level of hazardous emissions, noise and temperature. The catalyst, to be specific, is primarily tasked with minimising toxic gases, such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, by converting them into water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. However, this can reduce engine horsepower significantly. 

This is where decat pipes come in. A single, straight exhaust pipe can be used to replace the restrictive catalytic converter, which can allow for improved exhaust gas flow. This happens because, when the catalyst is present, there is a strain on the engine due to the limited space that the exhaust gases have to pass through before they are released from the system. Once the catalytic converter is removed, gases can go through the exhaust with extra speed. This, in turn, improves the horsepower and throttle response — thus, increasing a vehicle’s performance. 


Why Should You Get a Decat Pipe? 


decat pipes


Apart from boosting your car’s power, decat pipes come with several other advantages, as listed below:

  • As a decat pipe takes the place of a standard bulky converter in the original set-up, it can help save weight. 
  • Installing decat pipes brings about a reduction in the engine vibration.
  • They can help in better initial acceleration of the car. 
  • They allow the vehicle to give off a deeper exhaust note. 
  • They eliminate the issues associated with a catalytic converter. For instance, decat pipes are pretty cost-effective, whereas the replacement and repair costs of catalysts are quite high. If a catalyst fails, it can cause the problem of check lights not turning on, and it may also produce a noticeable odour in the vehicle. 


Things to Note Before Installation

There are, however, a few drawbacks of decat pipes that you should be aware of before deciding to install them. To begin with, there are a number of areas that do not permit the removal of a catalyst, and consider a decat pipe an off-road modification.

In addition, since there is no back-pressure and there are fast-flowing gases passing through, more air is allowed into the engine — which can cause an imbalance between the air and petrol mix, disrupting the engine. 


The Bottom Line

If you are looking for aftermarket upgrades to elevate your car, decatting is a reliable way to squeeze out some extra power from your vehicle’s engine. Just be sure to invest in quality decat pipes to achieve optimum performance. 

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