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Troubleshooting Suicide Door Kits: Common Issues and Fixes

Common Issues with Suicide Door Kits Suicide door kits, also known as rear-hinged doors or coach doors, are a popular modification for car enthusiasts looking to add a unique touch to their vehicles. These doors open in the opposite direction of conventional doors, providing a stylish and eye-catching look. However, like any aftermarket modification, there […]

Are wind deflectors a good idea?

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Are wind deflectors a good idea? Wind deflectors are a subject that often pops up in discussions about car modifications, both online and among automotive enthusiasts. If you’ve ever wondered about the pros and cons of wind deflectors, you’ve likely come across various opinions and experiences on platforms like Reddit. Questions like “Are wind deflectors […]

Can I replace wing mirror cover?

Can I replace wing mirror cover?

 Wing mirrors, also known as side mirrors or door mirrors, are essential components of a vehicle. They provide crucial visibility and help ensure safe driving by allowing you to monitor your surroundings. However, over time, even the best wing mirror covers may become worn, damaged, or simply outdated. Thankfully, replacing the wing mirror cover is […]

A Guide on How to Install Scissor Doors

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Looking for a quick way to upgrade your car at a minimal cost? We have a solution for you.  Scissor doors, also known as Lambo doors (as they have become synonymous with the brand of Lamborghini), can be a safe and affordable way to elevate your car’s status. These are not just for appearance’s sake […]

Scissor Doors vs. Butterfly Doors: What’s the Difference?

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Sometimes the standard two-hinge, horizontal-shifting car door just doesn’t cut it. Many vehicle owners may be surprised to know how many distinctive vehicle door designs are available in the market, particularly the ever-popular vertical doors. Even in such types of doors, there are several options available that differ in where the hinge is placed and which […]

5 Most Common Types of Car Doors | Scissor Doors, Butterfly Doors & More

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While a door may not be the defining feature of a vehicle, its design can actually have a significant impact on its overall appearance, comfort, safety and price. Many may be unaware of the huge variety of car doors now available in the market and the purpose of each particular type, such as scissor doors, […]

The Different Types of Scissor Doors

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Automobiles have evolved to be better and more unique than their predecessors — so there is no reason why their doors should not be the same either. There are many different car door designs available today that several brands use as a signature to distinguish their vehicles from others. However, the ones that truly stand […]

Scissor Doors: History & Facts

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While the design and style of car doors may be normally overlooked, they have become a rather defining element for luxury cars. Some types of car doors have, in fact, become a signature for automotive brands. This includes scissor doors, also known as jack-knife doors, beetle-wing doors, switchblade doors or Lamborghini doors. These are named […]

Types of Door Kits you can choose from

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Door kits are one of the most overlooked aspects of a car while being modified. You might think your car’s doors serve no purpose other than safety and protection. However, doors are capable of offering much more, easily taking your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal to the next level. Your car’s door can easily become the centre […]