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What are the Most Common Cars to Modify?

If you’re looking for the the most common cars to modify, we have you covered, as Turborevs features a list of some of the most common cars to modify.

Car enthusiasts have looked towards modification since the dawn of vehicles, customising their rides with upgraded parts and elevating both performance and aesthetics. Over the years, car mods have evolved to a massive extent, such that any vehicle is now modifiable with the right parts. However, some cars have it easier than others in this […]

What are the Easiest Cars to Mod?

Car tweaking and modification is quite common among the motorsports community, and this obsession is further exacerbated by the fact that most vehicles are quite easy to modify. With mods as simple as suspension upgrades and nitrous tyres available, car tweaking has never been easier. However, you can make it even easier by choosing a […]

What Mods Give the Most Horsepower?

Turborevs features a list of some of the best mods that can give the most horsepower.

Car modifications come in various forms, ranging from simple body styling tweaks to all out horsepower modifications. Since the motorsports community generally opts for power-enhancing modifications, some of the most popular mods out there are ones that can significantly boost horsepower. Be it forced induction or a new set of tyres, these mods are simple […]

What are the Best Modifications for a Car?

Turborevs has compiled a list of some of the best car modifications out there

Car modifications have been around ever since the dawn of vehicles, allowing car owners to cut through the noise and make their vehicles stand out. Over the years, car modifications have evolved significantly, going from simple decals and neon lights to all-out turbocharged engines and racing slicks. Car owners today have a variety of options […]

BMW F Series | History, Models and More

In this article, Turborevs features everything you need to know about the BMW F series.

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, commonly known as BMW, is a German multinational manufacturer of luxury vehicles. The company has gained a reputation throughout the world owing to its opulent vehicle designs and impeccable quality – not to mention their performance and efficiency. One of the company’s most successful line of models is the BMW F […]

Types of Catalytic Converters

Turborevs features the different types of catalytic converters.

With the standardisation of vehicles and control of emissions common throughout the UK, catalytic converters have become an essential part of vehicles in the country. As the name suggests, these devices act as a catalyst, converting harmful exhaust gases into their benign counterparts. Under the Ministry of Transport guidelines, a vehicle without a catalytic converter […]

How Much Savings Will the UK as a Whole Make if MOT is Scrapped?

Turborevs features the total saving of the UK if MOT is scrapped.

The UK’s PM has presented the idea of scrapping the annual Ministry of transport test in effort to reduce the country’s cost of living crisis. The MOT is necessary to ensure road safety for motorists, along with standardising exhaust emissions to curb environmental damage. However, this move will make the MOT test bi-annual, allowing people […]

How Can I Get My Car Inspected if MOT is Scrapped?

Turborevs features ways you canget your car inspected without the MOT..

The UK is known for its road safety standards throughout the globe, owing to its strict road safety checking through the annual Ministry of Transport (MOT) test. However, the country’s PM has proposed to scrap the annual MOT test in a recent cabinet meeting to curb the UK’s cost-of-living crisis. In case the proposition is […]