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Tips for maintaining your car’s engine for longevity

Your car’s engine is the heart of your vehicle and one of the most critical components that require proper maintenance. A well-maintained engine not only runs smoothly but also improves your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, and performance, and reduces the risk of costly repairs. In this article, we’ll discuss some tips to help you keep your […]

A beginner’s guide to car tuning

Car tuning is a fascinating process that allows you to personalize your vehicle and enhance its performance. From simple upgrades like changing the wheels to more complex modifications like engine tuning, the options are endless when it comes to tuning your car.  Whether you’re a seasoned tuner or just starting out, there are some key […]

Does a Performance Air Filter Add Horsepower?

A resounding question that circles around the motorsports community quite often is that do these performance air filters offer increased horsepower?

For vehicles to work efficiently, they require a continuous supply of fresh and clean air. This requirement is fulfilled by air filters, a device that works by filtering out impurities from the air before feeding it into the intake manifold of the engine. Performance air filters take this process up a notch, filtering out air […]

What Does a Performance Air Filter Do to Your Car?

In this article, Turborevs features an explanation on what performance air filters do to your car.

Performance air filters are a necessity in most performance vehicles as they offer a continuous supply of fresh, clear air. Most vehicles utilise normal air filters for this purpose, however, performance filters have heavy-duty engines which produce immense heat from the continuous combustion processes taking place within. For those that own a performance vehicle, it […]

Does a Performance Air Filter Make Your Car Faster?

Turborevs explains how air filters make your vehicles go faster.

As the name suggests, air filters serve as a source of providing vehicles with a constant supply of fresh air. Engines require clean air to function optimally, since the combustion process requires a specific ratio of air to fuel. Taking a step further, performance air filters are devices that perform the same function as regular […]