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How to Install & Maintain Remote Central Locking Kits

Remote Central Locking Kits

Benefits of Remote Central Locking Kits Remote central locking kits offer a range of benefits that enhance convenience and security for vehicle owners. These kits provide a seamless and efficient way to lock and unlock car doors, offering features that make the process easier and more accessible. Enhanced Convenience and Security One of the primary […]

Enhancing Car Security With Remote Central Locking Systems

Remote Central Locking Systems

How Remote Central Locking Systems Work Remote central locking systems have become a common feature in modern cars, providing convenience and enhanced security to car owners. These systems allow users to lock and unlock their car doors remotely using a key fob or a smartphone app. Understanding how remote central locking systems work can help […]

Installation Guide for Power Lock Kits | For Begineers

Power Lock Kit

Why Power Lock Kits? Power lock are a popular aftermarket accessory that can significantly enhance the convenience and security of your vehicle. If your car is not equipped with power locks, installing a power lock kit can offer numerous benefits and make your daily driving experience much more enjoyable. Benefits of installing power lock kits […]

Does Using Angel Eye Headlights really makes a difference?

Angel Eye Headlight

Angel Eye Headlights Angel Eye Headlights, also known as Halo headlights, are a popular aftermarket lighting option for vehicles. They are characterized by a ring of light surrounding the main headlight bulb, creating a distinctive and stylish appearance. But what exactly makes these headlights different from regular headlights, and how do they work? How do […]

What is an Angel Eye Light Headlight?

Angel Eye Headlights

What are Angel Eye Lights? Angel Eye Lights, also known as Halo Lights or Demon Eyes, is an automotive lighting accessory installed around the headlights or in the headlight assembly of a vehicle. They are typically circular or ring-shaped lights that emit a bright and distinctive glow. The purpose of Angel Eye Lights is twofold: […]

How long does a Vehicle DRL Light last?

LED Lights

What are Vehicle LED DRL Lights? Vehicle LED DRL (Daytime Running Lights) are a type of lighting system that is specifically designed to improve the visibility of vehicles during daylight hours. These lights are installed on the front of vehicles and are typically positioned in the headlight assembly or in a separate housing. Unlike headlights, […]

What’s the difference between H1 and H7 xenon bulb

Xenon Bulb

H1 and H7 Xenon Bulbs: A Comparison Welcome to our comprehensive guide on H1 and H7 xenon bulbs. In this article, we will explore the features, specifications, and differences between these two popular types of xenon bulbs.  If you are considering upgrading to H1 or H7 xenon bulbs, explore our selection of high-quality H1 and […]

Can i convert my vehicle lights to HID?


The Basics of HID Conversion Kits When it comes to automotive lighting, HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lights have become increasingly popular due to their superior brightness and longer lifespan compared to traditional halogen lights. HID lights produce a more intense and focused beam of light, making them ideal for night driving and improving visibility on the […]

Are HID Lights still viable for vehicles?

HID Lights

Understanding HID Lights HID lights, also known as xenon lights, are a type of lighting technology that uses xenon gas to produce a bright and intense light. Unlike halogen bulbs, which rely on a filament to produce light, HID lights work by passing an electric current through a gas-filled chamber. Inside the HID bulb, there […]