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Types of DPFs

In this article, Turborevs explains the various types of DPFs available in the market. Find the best DPF cleaners at Turborevs.

A diesel particulate filter or a DPF is an essential device found in diesel-powered vehicles. Since these diesel engines experience heavy combustion, they produce a lot of emissions, including soot. To filter out this soot, DPFs are employed. As diesel engines come in a variety of types, a universal DPF might not be fitting for […]

Signs of a Failing DPF

Turborevs features an article explaining the signs of a failing DPF. Find the best DPF cleaners at Turborevs.

Being delicate devices, diesel particulate filters are sensitive to even the slightest of tampering. Since DPFs are a crucial device in the exhaust system of diesel-powered vehicles, ensuring that they are working optimally is necessary. However, many remain unaware of the signs and signals that would indicate that something is wrong with the DPF. To […]

Does a DPF Cleaner actually work?

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) serves as a filtration device for the exhaust systems of diesel-powered vehicles. Since these engines are heavy-duty, they produce another by-product – soot. However, this excretion can be quite harmful for the environment, which is why a DPF is employed, capable of trapping the soot from the engine. These filters […]

What is a DPF | Everything you need to know about

Turborevs features everything you need to know about a DPF.

A diesel particulate filter or a DPF is a standard device that is commonly found in diesel vehicles. These devices are highly delicate, and even the slightest maladjustments can result in hefty costs for your vehicle. Understanding what these devices do and how to maintain them is essential, especially if you own a diesel-powered heavy-vehicle. […]