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Does an Induction Kit make your car faster?

Turborevs explains whether or not induction kits have an effect on your vehicle’s performance.

With the motorsport community’s obsession with speed, car enthusiasts regularly tune and modify their cars with parts that can boost performance. One such modification is an induction kit, a device that serves as an air filter with a few added benefits. Some induction kits also come with a cold air intake, revving up their value […]

Does an Induction Kit Add Horsepower to Your Car?

Turborevs explains how induction kits increase horsepower.

For those into vehicle tuning and car modifications, having an induction kit is a must. Similar to regular air filters, induction kits perform the same function of providing the engine with a continuous supply of fresh air. However, these devices perform a few added functions, such as cooling down the air to increase oxygen density […]

What is an Induction Kit?

For those that are new to vehicle modification, understanding what induction kits are and the benefits they offer is crucial.

Vehicle modifications are incomplete without having an induction kit installed, as evident from their popularity among motorsports enthusiasts. Induction kits generally refer to the process of replacing the standard air box and filter. This process offers higher performance as it removes the restrictive air filter that limits a car’s performance. For those that are new […]