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4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Flexi Pipe Right Now

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If there is anything in your vehicle that looks, smells or sounds off, chances are that your flexi pipe needs to be replaced. Delaying this would only result in further damage to your car (which can be dangerous), as well as increase the total repair costs.  If your flexi pipe is leaking, there are some […]

Can You Drive With a Broken Flexi Pipe?

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We all try to postpone a trip to the mechanic for as long as we can, yet it is important to take the car to a professional before the issue at hand gets worse.  A broken flexi pipe, in particular, is often overlooked as a serious matter, although it can cause many serious problems later […]

Why Do Flexi Pipes Burst?

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Think your car’s flexi pipes need replacement? Turborevs has prepared a detailed guide below on the purpose of flexi pipes in an exhaust system, the warning signs of a damaged flexi pipe, and what measures you can take accordingly.   Function of Flexi Pipes An often-overlooked part of a vehicle, the flexi pipe is actually […]