Can I Replace HID with LED?

In this article, Turborevs explains whether or not HID can be replaced with LED lights.

Its not uncommon to see most people either directly opting for vehicles with LED lights or converting their previous lighting system to LED. Considering the benefits that LEDs offer, along with their superiority in comparison to HID lights, car enthusiasts flock towards the idea of having these energy-efficient lighting installed.

Since converting your regular halogen lights to LED is a common occurrence, a question arises for those that have HID lights installed in their vehicles; can HID be replaced with LED? In this article, Turborevs explains whether or not HID can be replaced with LED lights.

Why Choose LED Lighting?

LED lights offer a number of benefits compared to HID lights.


LED lighting used to be reserved only for high-end and luxury vehicles, but today, it has made its way to regular vehicles in the form of conversion kits and upgrades. With a simple process of thousands of light emitting diodes releasing a photon every second, these lights are capable of giving out intensities as high as 9,000 lumens, much higher than HID lights. 

Moreover, this white light is considerably more eco-friendly compared to its counterparts and offers much higher longevity – working up to 15,000 hours. HID lights, on the other hand, can break down early since the light has two components – an HID bulb and an external ballast that powers the bulb. The ballast has a very short lifespan, meaning you will have to regularly replace that, putting HIDs at a disadvantage. Another difference between LED and HID is that LED lights can instantly turn on, putting them at a much higher pedestal compared to their counterparts.

Can HID Lights be Replaced with LED?

Delving into the question of whether or not HID lights can be replaced with LEDs; the short answer is yes, LED conversion is a common process that most cat enthusiasts undertake to have their HID lights replaced. One way to go about this process is to have the HID bulb and ballast replaced with an LED driver and a light array. This process offers a long term solution for your vehicle’s lights.

Another option is the plug-and-play route, which works with the existing fixture and ballast and you can simply attach a plug-and-play LED.


Vehicle lighting is a significant part of car modification, with car enthusiasts now opting for LED lighting as the perfect addition to the unique aesthetics of their cars. For those that have HID lighting, a conversion to LED lighting is possible, with a few different ways to achieve that in the form of a complete replacement or a plug-and-play LED light system.

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