Does a Performance Air Filter Make Your Car Faster?

Turborevs explains how air filters make your vehicles go faster.

As the name suggests, air filters serve as a source of providing vehicles with a constant supply of fresh air. Engines require clean air to function optimally, since the combustion process requires a specific ratio of air to fuel. Taking a step further, performance air filters are devices that perform the same function as regular filters, with an added perquisite of increasing your car’s performance.

Despite being a fairly common vehicle device, a major question that often arises within the motorsports industry is whether or not performance air filters make your car go faster. In this article, Turborevs answers this question in detail.

What is a Performance Air Filter?

Air filters offer a number of benefits, primarily increased horsepower.

Also known as a sports air filter, performance air filters offer advanced technology that ensures not just a fresh supply of air but also air that is free from any sort of impurities that could interfere with the combustion process. Since engines require air in its purest form, performance filters help the engine achieve just that.

Moreover, a steady supply of clean air is necessary to cool down the engine after it gets heated up from the continuous combustion process. Performance vehicles have a much more intensive engine, meaning they heat up at a much faster pace. This makes performance air filters a necessity in these vehicles.

Does a performance air filter make your car faster?

In short; yes, performance air filters can make your car go faster as they provide a more seamless and higher quality supply of air. Since the combustion process requires air in its purest form; the better the filter performance, the stronger the boost. Performance air filters are also known to increase horsepower and overall engine output.

Moreover, you might also experience improved fuel economy as well with these air filters. Since pure air provides a greater boost to the vehicle, it will burn less fuel to achieve the same results. Despite seemingly like a minimal advantage, the extra mileage can help you save a lot in the long-run.

The Bottom Line

Performance air filters are a step up from their regular counterparts, offering not just better and more efficient filtration but also higher performance and speeds. Considering the benefits that these simple devices offer, having one installed is a must, especially if you own a performance vehicle. One thing is guaranteed, 

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