Do Turbochargers affect horsepower?

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One of the most popular car modifications among the motorsports community – turbochargers are engine enhancing devices that can elevate your car’s performance drastically. Turbochargers are known for their engine boosting capabilities, making them highly used in race cars and performance vehicles.

When considering getting a turbocharged engine, many of you wonder; do turbochargers affect horsepower? In this article, we shall discuss this question in detail, enhancing your knowledge about turbochargers.

What are Turbochargers and how do they Work?

Turbochargers can significantly boost horsepower.

Before delving into the effects of turbochargers on horsepower, it is essential to first understand what turbochargers are and how they function. The workings of turbochargers are quite simple. The main purpose of this device is to improve air circulation within the engine, as this would allow more air into the engine.

Air is necessary for the engine to burn fuel, which means better air circulation would give the engine more oxygen to burn, causing a greater combustion reaction. This creates immense power, far more than what a regular engine produces. 

Turbochargers and Horsepower

Turbochargers can add immense horsepower to your vehicle.

Moving on to the actual question, the answer is yes, turbochargers do affect horsepower. These devices can significantly boost horsepower, allowing your engine to experience a drastic change in performance. 

Moreover, turbochargers provide vehicles with several other benefits such as boosting low torque, improving throttle response, and enhancing overall engine performance. All of these benefits further add up to enhancing your vehicle’s horsepower.

How much power do Turbochargers provide?

Now that we know that turbochargers elevate horsepower, it is also essential to know how much power these devices are adding to your vehicle. Turbocharged engines can produce almost 40 percent more horsepower than a regular engine. However, the number for most vehicles lies between a 10 to 50 percent increase in horsepower.

If you wish to take this number above 100 percent, your car will require extra modifications. This is necessary as most vehicles are unable to withstand the excess power that properly tuned turbochargers offer. The most important part is to upgrade your vehicle’s fuel injection system.


With turbochargers making such an immense difference in horsepower and vehicle performance, it comes with no surprise that it is one of the most common car modifications out there. Along with providing better horsepower, turbochargers also offer other benefits such as better mileage, improved throttle response, and an overall elevated driving experience. If you don’t have a turbocharged engine, you are missing out on a lot of benefits.

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