Gaming Chair vs Recliner – Which is better

Turborevs features the difference between gaming chairs and recliners.

Sitting for long periods comes with its fair share of risks and health concerns. Despite multiple proven pieces of research on this health risk, many people are forced to go by their day sitting in one place, which is mostly the case with 9-5 employees or gamers.

To help reduce the health risks of sitting in a single place throughout the day, there are currently two options in the market – recliners and gaming chairs. Turborevs features a detailed article on which option is better for you.

What are Gaming Chairs?

Gaming chairs are extremely durable and sturdy.

Before delving into the differences and benefits of both options, it is essential to first understand what exactly these seating options entail. Gaming chairs, as the name suggests, have been manufactured for the primary purpose of aiding gamers in sitting in a single place for hours on end, without having any serious health repercussions. 

These chairs comprise a durable and sturdy body with a sleek design. The chair is modelled to fit the human back perfectly, in turn improving posture the longer the person sits on it. Moreover, the seat takes the same area as any normal chair, making it perfect for smaller rooms.

What is a Recliner?

Recliners are comfortable seating options.


Similar to gaming chairs, recliners are adjustable chairs that can be reclined backward to certain degrees. Owing to this feature, recliners can serve other purposes apart from just being used as a seating chair. 

A recliner also offers a footrest, offering the optimum comfort. The padding and the body of the seat are also much softer and warmer, perfect for relaxation. However, recliners can take up a lot of space, making them suitable for living rooms.

Gaming Chairs vs Recliners

Both seating options serve the same purpose – comfortable seating. However, the difference lies in the intricacies between the two options. Since gaming chairs are upright and boost productivity, they can be perfect for work or gaming. Moreover, they can fit anywhere due to their smaller size.

On the other hand, recliners mostly serve the purpose of relaxation. They cannot be used for work or gaming, as the seating induces sleep and relaxation, the opposite of what is needed when working. Moreover, their larger size limits them to certain areas of your home.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the choice between gaming chairs and recliners depends solely on your needs and requirements. Gaming chairs are perfect for staying productive and working, while recliners offer the perfect opportunity for rest and relaxation.

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