Nitrous Oxide (NOS)

Nitrous Oxide (NOS)

(Simple version for the Nitrous dummies!)

Nitrous oxide systems make additional horsepower by allowing an engine to burn more fuel than it could normally do. Burning more fuel creates higher cylinder pressures that will push down on the pistons with greater force.  This gives much more power!

Nitrous operates whenever you want it to, by pushing a button, or at full throttle – you can choose when and for how long. It will NOT hurt your engine if set up carefully and reasonable amounts are used!

Basically Nitrous Oxide is stored in a metal tank or “bottle” in the boot (trunk) of your car. It is a compound of Nitrogen and Oxygen. When it gets heated up inside the engine during combustion, it breaks down from the Compound N2O called Nitrous Oxide into two separate gasses, Oxygen and Nitrogen. This is a good thing! Because the extra oxygen now present allows more fuel to be burned and the Nitrogen although “inert” absorbs the extra heat and expands…

The extra fuel that is now also required is injected at the same time as the N2O via an additional solenoid valve and injector into the intake system. This is carefully metered with a jet to ensure that exactly the correct amount is added. Its a little more complex than this, but that is a basically all there is to it.

So YOUR car can have Nitrous Oxide Injection (*NOS) added easily and without any damage or other drama!   Actually almost any car, bike, plane, jet-ski, snowmobile, micro-light Aircraft, can too!

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