Can You Drive With a Broken Flexi Pipe?

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We all try to postpone a trip to the mechanic for as long as we can, yet it is important to take the car to a professional before the issue at hand gets worse. 

A broken flexi pipe, in particular, is often overlooked as a serious matter, although it can cause many serious problems later on.

Turborevs describes why you should not ignore the warning signs of a damaged flexi pipe below. 


What a Flexi Pipe Does

Also called an exhaust pipe or an exhaust flexi pipe, a flexi pipe connects the exhaust system of a vehicle to the engine. The pipe is usually more flexible and stronger than other pipes in the system. It absorbs vibrations, which helps in extending the lifespan of other parts. Even though it is made of highly durable materials, lack of maintenance on a regular basis can cause it to get damaged.

Why You Shouldn’t Drive With a Broken Flexi Pipe

Even though you can technically still drive your car with a broken flexi pipe, it is still not advised to do so. The following reasons can explain why.

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It would be too noisy.

As the broken flexi pipe hangs out from the underside of your car, it will drag against the road surface and create a racket — making it a nuisance for not only you but others as well. This can also produce sparks, which can damage the vehicle. 


It can put your health at risk.

The function of a flexi pipe is to help with the flow of dangerous emissions, such as carbon monoxide. A broken flexi pipe, however, may increase the levels of these gases in your vehicle, which can eventually make you sick. Getting dizzy and nauseous may especially be dangerous while you are still on the road.


Other car parts are likely to get damaged.

With a broken flexi pipe increasing the volume of toxic fumes in the car, other parts are bound to get damaged as well. If you continue to drive the car in this state for a prolonged period, the fumes can even cause a fire, especially if the crack in the pipe is near the engine. 


It may even be illegal.

Depending on where you live, it can actually be against the law to drive with a damaged flexi pipe. Most jurisdictions do not permit you to drive a vehicle that can pose danger to you and other drivers. 


It will cost you more.

Are you hesitant to replace it because of the damage costs? It is important to remember that while this may seem like a pricier solution in the short term, it will actually save you money in the long run. As a broken flexi pipe will only get more ineffective with time, your car will not be able to run as smoothly as before due to the high level of toxic fumes inside. This, in turn, would mean an increase in fuel consumption. If other car parts get damaged in the process, it would also mean repair costs for even more components than just the flexi pipe. 


The Bottom Line

Driving with a broken flexi pipe is not only an unwise decision, but it can even turn out to be a fatal mistake. Hence, it is recommended to get it replaced as soon as you discover any related problem with your car. You can also handle the issue yourself if you have the tools and parts required for the job.  

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