The Different Types of Scissor Doors

scissor doors

Automobiles have evolved to be better and more unique than their predecessors — so there is no reason why their doors should not be the same either. There are many different car door designs available today that several brands use as a signature to distinguish their vehicles from others. However, the ones that truly stand out are the scissor doors. These are also referred to as beetle-wing doors, swing-up doors, switchblade doors, turtle doors, Lamborghini doors or Lambo doors. 

Turborevs describes the different types available in the market to help you decide on the best fit for your vehicle if you are looking to switch to scissor doors


What Are Scissor Doors?

One of the most striking car door designs out there, scissor doors have become a trademark in exclusive, luxury brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari and McLaren. Designed by famed car designer Marcella Gandini in 1968, they feature a hinge at the front of the frame, and a scissor joint at the top corner to open the door vertically instead of horizontally at 90 to 130 degrees (which is how it got its name). Despite their aesthetic appeal, they were actually invented for practical reasons: to make it easier for drivers to lean out of a moving car and look behind when they are reversing. Soaring sharp and high, these doors are also feasible when it comes to parking in tight spaces. 


Types of Scissor Doors


scissor doors


Conventional scissor doors are designed to rotate to 90 degrees. However, there are also other kinds available, as listed below:


130 Degrees

Some scissor doors can also swing up to 130 degrees. These have the added benefit of not blocking the entrance or exit as much as traditional scissor doors do. These are typically used for modified cars. 


Vertical Lift System (VLS)

VLS doors are often confused with butterfly doors, although the latter move upwards and outwards whereas VLS doors open outwards only to a minor degree in comparison. They have a scissor door configuration. The only difference, as stated before, is that VLS doors are designed to move slightly outwards before going upwards to let the top surface of the door clear the door frame and A-pillar.


Scissor-Conventional Door Hybrid

Later on, hybrid doors were also introduced in the market, which could be opened vertically like scissor doors, as well as horizontally like common car doors. These were designed so that the users could benefit from both types and can open the door in whichever way they think is more fitting in a particular situation. 


In a Nutshell

Whether it is for its sleek design or for its multiple advantages, scissor doors are definitely worth the investment if you are looking to upgrade your vehicle. Whether they are 130-degree scissor doors, VLS doors, hybrid doors or just those of the traditional design, they can provide safety in areas with low overhead clearance — as well as make a statement on the road.

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