What is a Twin Turbo Engine?

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With the use of performance cars being so widespread, misconceptions remain regarding the types of modified engines. Most would have heard of turbocharged engines – the most common type of performance engines – however, twin turbo engines are either unheard of or confused with simple modified engines. This leaves us with the question, what is a twin turbo engine?

Twin Turbo Engine

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To understand the functioning and purpose of twin turbo engines, we have to take a step back and look at turbocharged engines. These engines use force induction systems and turbine power to propel compressed air into the intake manifold of the engine, giving the engine an extra boost.

Moving on to the question of twin turbo engines, their purpose is exactly as the name suggests – the engine uses two turbochargers to push compressed air into the engine, providing an even greater boost. The twin turbochargers can be laid out in different ways and configurations, influencing the final effect of the turbochargers. There are three commonly used layouts.

Types of Twin Turbo Configurations

There are several layouts for the turbochargers. However, the following three are the most commonly used ones.

Sequential Twin Turbo Engines

This layout consists of two turbochargers but one is designated for low speeds while the other is only used for high speeds. This layout is beneficial as it erases the issue with low RPM, where it becomes difficult to use the boost. Designating one turbocharger for low speeds and the other for high speeds will allow your car to overcome this issue. Sometimes, both turbochargers are used for high speeds.

Parallel Twin Turbo Engines

As the name suggests, this layout consists of two equal-sized turbochargers placed parallel to each other. This setup cuts down on the amount of exhaust piping needed, as each turbocharger is connected to one cylinder bank. Moreover, this layout reduces lag in performance vehicles, as two smaller turbochargers are used side-by-side instead of one.

Series Twin Turbo Engines

This layout consists of turbochargers set up in a series. Instead of both turbochargers boosting separately, the first turbocharger sends its output to the second turbocharger which compresses the air further. This builds up immense pressure, resulting in a much larger boost.


Simply put, twin turbo engines are modified engines with two turbochargers. This setup is common in performance vehicles that require larger boosts and engine power. With multiple layouts available, you can choose the one that fits your car’s needs.

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