What Mods Make a Car Faster?

Turborevs features a list of car modifications that can make your car go faster.

With the motorsports community’s obsession with speed, it comes as no surprise that the most resounding question among the community is about mods that can make your car go faster. Feeling the rush of adrenaline while racing through the highway is a feeling that any motorsports junkie can relate to, but to achieve that feeling, you’ll have to put some work into your car.

Whether you’re new to tweaking your car or are an expert that is simply looking for a few add-ons, Turborevs features a list of car modifications that can make your car go faster.

Mods That Can Make Your Car Go Faster

There are a variety of modifications available that can boost your car’s max speed significantly, but it is important to thoroughly consider the viability of each one for your vehicle first. Following are a few modifications that can make a car faster.


The basics of any turbocharged vehicle – superchargers are the go-to mod for giving your car a massive edge in terms of speed. These devices compress air and make it denser, forcing it into the engine with considerable force. This process results in a significantly higher boost, allowing your car to reach new top speeds.

This modification is the basis of all future tweaking as you can further add on to this with a cold air intake or a dual turbocharger.

Cold Air Intake

For those that are new to vehicle modification, understanding what induction kits are and the benefits they offer is crucial.

As the name suggests, a cold air intake cools down the air entering your engine. The process may seem like a simple one, but the result can surely pack a punch in terms of speed boost. Since cooler air has more oxygen – the key element for combustion – the resulting ignition will be much stronger.


Despite seeming like an irrelevant modification, tyres offer immense potential in terms of providing your car better grip, acceleration, and control. Tyres are also one of the most affordable ways to tweak your car, as you can find quality tyres within a reasonable price.

Nitrogen tyres are a good option since these tyres are resistant to water vapours and air. Investing in a decent pair of tyres should be considered a priority as they carry the weight of your whole vehicle.


Even though suspension may not be directly linked to boosting your car’s speed, they are still necessary to ensure your vehicle does not sustain any damage while racing through the streets, especially on bumpy roads. Your suspension should be able to handle the increased power output as well, which makes these modifications quite necessary.

Dual Exhaust

A smoother exhaust system has the potential to take your car’s performance up a notch, making dual exhaust systems a worthwhile investment. These exhaust systems can even replace catalytic converters as they offer better filters and a smoother exhaust flow, thereby optimising the engine power of your vehicle.


Finding the right modifications can be quite the hassle, especially if you’re looking for ones that can boost your vehicle’s speed. Simply browse through our list and find some of the easiest and most viable car mods that can surely make your vehicle go much faster.

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