When Should You Replace Your Exhaust Backbox?

Turborevs features an article on when you should replace your exhaust backbox.

Exhaust back boxes serve as an essential part of a vehicle’s exhaust system. However, an exhaust backbox is not a crucial element in cars, as they can still function without one. The main purpose of these devices is to lower the sound produced by the exhaust system in vehicles. Despite performing a simple function, backboxes can get worn out, meaning maintenance and replacement is necessary.

Many remain unaware of when to change or repair their vehicle’s exhaust backboxes. Turborevs features an article explaining when you should replace your exhaust backbox.

What is the Purpose of an Exhaust Back Box?

This rear-end part of a vehicle may not seem essential for your car’s functioning, yet it performs an important function that is linked to the overall driving experience of your vehicle. Back boxes limit the noise produced by emissions and gases when they pass through the exhaust system.

Moreover, these devices also aid in slowing down the movement of hot emissions that pass through the exhaust system.

When should you replace your exhaust backbox?

Exhaust backboxes should be replaced if they are faulty.

Generally, a good quality exhaust back box should last you at least 45,000 miles before there is any need for replacement or maintenance. However, backboxes can suffer damages due to wear and tear or any accident, resulting in an earlier replacement.

Another factor that determines how long your backbox will last is the duration of your car usage. Shorter trips result in condensation in your backbox leading to corrosion, while longer trips can make it extremely hot – both cases resulting in more damage to your backbox.

Another sign that your exhaust backbox needs to be replaced is when rust is visible, or the hangers that hold the back box comes off. In such cases, a replacement is necessary. A few symptoms of a faulty back box include:

Loud noises – Back boxes are supposed to lower exhaust noise. If the contrary happens, it means that it needs to be replaced.

Cracks – This usually signals that a replacement is required.

Rust – A build-up of rust can lead to more problems, which is why it should be promptly replaced.


Backboxes are generally regarded as a non-essential part of vehicles. However, these devices offer several functionalities that can improve one’s driving experience. Knowing when to replace a back box is important so that your vehicle can continue to function optimally.

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