A Guide to Installing Wind Deflectors on Your Vehicle

wind deflectors

Wind deflectors, also known as rain guards or window visors, are mounted on a vehicle to improve its aerodynamics when the windows are rolled down. By redirecting the flow of the wind, there is a decrease in the turbulent noise, allowing for a more comfortable ride. Moreover, these also help in shielding you (as well as the car’s interior) from sleet and hail — hence, letting you crack your windows open anytime to let in some fresh air. 

Wind deflectors are easy to install and you do not require a trip to the mechanic (or even special tools) to get the job done. 

Turborevs gives a step-by-step guide on fitting both adhesive and in-channel wind deflectors to your car below. 


What to Do Before Installation

Step 1: Make sure your vehicle is parked on a flat and hard surface. 

Step 2: There are different wind deflectors, specifically designed for each make and model. It is important that you buy the ones that are the right fit for your vehicle. You can find these details on the packaging of the wind deflectors. 

Step 3: Roll your windows at least halfway down to fit the deflectors in. 

Step 4: Thoroughly clean the window frames and channels. Wipe off any dust, dirt or debris with a dry cloth or paper towel. In the case of an adhesive wind deflector, clean the window’s trims beforehand. 

Step 5: Place the wind deflector against the window frame and mark its location with a car chalk. 

Step 6: Use a scuff pad to slightly go over the area where the deflector will be installed. Scuffing the paint roughs up the surface, which allows for a better fit. 


Installing In-Channel Wind Deflectors

Step 1: Place the wind deflector into the top corners of the window frame first and push it into place. Slowly press on its sides and the middle to fit it into the frame completely. 

Step 2: If needed, attach any window clips. These usually come with most wind deflector kits. Just push the clips between the window and the wind deflector to securely fasten it in place. You can find further instructions in the manual given with the wind deflector kit. 


Installing Adhesive Wind Deflectors

Step 1: Peel off only a small section of the double-sided tape on the wind deflectors. Align it against the window frame to determine its placement. 

Step 2: Once you have finalised its position, take off the entire tape and apply pressure to the wind deflector to stick it to the frame. 


What to Do After Installation

Step 1: Roll your windows up and down and check the wind deflector for any vibrations or movement. 

Step 2: Be careful not to force it in position if it is loose, as this may damage the deflector.

It is important to invest in high-quality wind deflectors, whichever type you may choose. Check out the collection of wind deflectors available at Turborevs, which have been tested for their strength and durability. 

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