List of Top 5 Wind Deflectors for Your Vehicle

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Tired of listening to the wind roaring past the open windows of your car? Then you should consider investing in high-quality side-window deflectors; these can alter a vehicle’s aerodynamic profile and, thus, protect it from wind, rain and dust. They allow you to roll down your windows and let fresh air circulate inside, without the outside elements being a cause for concern. The tinted and curved design of wind deflectors also blocks the glare of the sun from the side windows. Even during winter months, they stop the windows from fogging up, which reduces condensation in the car and, as a result, improves visibility.  

There are a variety of options for wind deflectors in the market, each suitable for a specific purpose and for a particular type of vehicle. To help you choose, Turborevs has outlined the different advantages and disadvantages of some of the top-rated wind deflectors below. 


Types of Wind Deflectors

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Based on the method of installation, there are two broad categories of wind deflectors, as described below:


Tape-On Wind Deflectors

These come with adhesive tape, enabling them to easily be attached to where the visors are connected to the car’s window. However, it can be difficult to remove them and the process can also damage the car’s paint job.


In-Channel Wind Deflectors

In contrast, in-channel wind deflectors do not include any adhesive and, hence, do not ruin the vehicle’s exterior. They are kept secured within the window channels, and can be removed easily. On the other hand, they may rattle during strong winds, which can cause scratches on the window. 


Best Wind Deflectors

The following is a list of some of the most popular wind deflectors currently in the market.


Auto Ventshade (AVS) Chrome Side-Window Deflectors

With precision engineering technology, AVS chrome wind deflectors improve cross-ventilation in a vehicle without letting rain or snow cause any damage to its interior. It also helps shield the passengers from direct sunlight, and reduce heat build-up in parked vehicles.

These deflectors have been designed specifically for 07-13 Silverado/Sierra 1500, 07-13 Avalanche, 07-14 Yukon XL/Suburban and 07-14 Silverado/Sierra 2500HD-3500HD.


  • Made from chrome-plated ABS plastic, these wind deflectors also enhance the appearance of a vehicle.
  • They are extremely durable. 
  • They can be installed in a matter of minutes, without requiring any specific hardware or drilling. 
  • They come with strong 3M adhesive tape. 
  • Lifetime, non-transferable warranty is provided. 
  • According to customer reviews, these are the best wind deflectors for a Silverado. 
  • They are scratch-resistant and impact-resistant. 
  • They effectively reduce wind turbulence, prevent condensation, and remove odours like smoke etc. 


  • The adhesive may not be as powerful as claimed.
  • They are not suitable for truck windows.
  • Their price is relatively on the higher side. 
  • They may be an obstruction while rolling up the window. 


Auto Ventshade In-Channel Wind Deflectors

Another solid option by AVS are its in-channel wind deflectors. They also help improve airflow inside a vehicle without the noise, and prevent rain from coming through the windows. Custom-made to tightly fit in the window channels, they give a sleek and streamlined look. 

They have been designed especially for the 2016-2020 Toyota Tacoma double cab.


  • They can be customised for virtually all vehicle types, including cars, trucks, SUVs etc. 
  • As long as you remain the vehicle’s original owner when the wind deflectors were installed, you are offered a lifetime warranty. 
  • Using pre-applied 3M automotive tape, they can be securely fixed into the window channels or rubber seal — allowing for quick and seamless installation, without needing any equipment. 
  • They are made of high-quality, tinted and reinforced acrylic, which makes them UV-resistant and scratch-proof. 
  • They are car-wash safe. 
  • They help keep parked vehicles cool inside, and prevent outside odours from entering.


  • The red protective tape can be difficult to remove. 
  • They do not fit extended crew.
  • There have been complaints by some customers about poor packaging. 


Stampede Chrome Tape-Onz Side-Window Deflectors

With its chrome finish and airtight fit, this wind deflector option effectively diverts rain, wind, dust etc. from the vehicle and regulates air flow inside.


  • They can be mounted into place easily with a strip of double-sided 3M tape.
  • They are durable, scratch-resistant and UV-resistant. 
  • They are quite affordable.


  • Some customers have complained about getting an exact fit.
  • Basic plastic options are still much cheaper options than these. 


WeatherTech Custom-Fit Side-Window Deflectors

One of the most renowned names in the business, WeatherTech offers side-window deflectors of superior quality. They are reasonably priced, available in several finish options, and can seamlessly fit into the window channels. Its sleek design allows it to minimise wind noise and improve ventilation.

They have been designed for the Toyota Tundra models specifically.


  • They come with limited lifetime warranty. 
  • They are precision-machined for a custom fit, with quick and easy installation. 
  • They are car-wash safe. 
  • They are optically transparent and prevent the exterior tape from showing. 
  • The 3M acrylic material used to make them is durable and impact-resistant. 
  • The options available are dark, partially tinted or clear to suit a variety of preferences. The latter two are made with a special glazing material that is not used for any other wind deflectors in the market.


  • They are likely to make light scratches on the window.
  • If there is any dirt trapped inside, they may make loud noises. 


Clim Art Side-Window Deflectors

These tape-on wind deflectors are suitable for many models, reducing wind noise while driving and averting rain and snow from the vehicle. 


  • The packaging includes tools.
  • They are shatter-proof and scratch-resistant.


  • They may not be as effective in preventing water from seeping in as expected. 
  • They may cause interference when opening windows. 


How to Choose the Right Wind Deflectors for Your Car


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  • Some wind deflectors have been designed specifically for only some types of vehicles, so you should ensure that you are purchasing those that are compatible with yours. You can do this by carefully taking measurements to determine the dimensions and profile of your car windows. There are universal options as well but they are not as durable and may still not match every window’s curvature. 
  • If you prioritise ease of installation, in-channel wind deflectors are the better option in comparison to tape-on wind deflectors. 
  • Depending on the climate of the area where you live, you may want to opt for more sturdy wind deflectors that are able to withstand harsh elements. For instance, if you live in a hotter region, tinted wind deflectors would be more effective for your car.

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