Advantages and Disadvantages of MOT being scrapped

Turborevs features the advantages and disadvantages of the MOT being scrapped.

The MOT test is the UK’s testing service for every vehicle that is over three years old, set in place to ensure the safety and standardisation of all vehicles. However, a recent cabinet meeting held by the PM of the country has proposed to scrap the annual MOT testing, instead replacing it with a bi-annual test.

This recent development can significantly affect UK motorists, both positively and negatively. In this article, Turborevs explores the advantages and disadvantages of the annual MOT being scrapped.

Advantages of the MOT being Scrapped

Despite being an essential test for road safety, the MOT testing service has a few grey areas, leaving room for a few benefits to come out of it being scrapped. The initial benefit that comes out of this scenario is that being a vehicle owner will become less costly. With the cost of an MOT averaging around £50, motorists will save thousands of pounds in the long run. The gross sum of the country’s spending on annual testing reaches £1.3 billion – with even more costs if the vehicle fails the test.

Scrapping the annual test will lessen the burden on UK households, and allow them to redirect this capital towards other needs. Moreover, modern vehicles come with a number of safety features, removing the need for yearly testing. This decision will make being a car owner much easier, along with helping the country redirect its funds to other, urgent matters.

Disadvantages of the MOT being Scrapped

Even though cars now require less maintenance and testing, scrapping the MOT test can still result in a number of disadvantages. Since the main purpose of this test is to improve road safety, the UK’s motorists may become more prone to accidents and vehicle faults.

Moreover, the MOT test also doubles as an exhaust emission test, ensuring that all cars are safe for the environment. With the possibility of annual MOT testing being removed, the country’s roads will see a rise in harmful exhaust emissions. Considering the country’s stance on reducing carbon emissions, this decision will pose a hurdle to achieving a negative carbon footprint in the future.

The Bottom Line

With the decision of scrapping the annual MOT test still on the table, it is essential to understand how this decision affects the country, and what benefits and drawbacks it offers. Both sides pose valid arguments; however, the final decision lies in the cabinet’s hands. In case the annual MOT test is scrapped, follow these safety checking steps for your vehicle.

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Update as of 04/05/2024

The Infrastructure Minister, John O’Dowd, has introduced a solution to alleviate pressure on the system with temporary MOT exemption certificates (TECs) for cars within specific registration dates. This move aims to address the growing backlog and alleviate waiting times for drivers in Northern Ireland.

Under the new initiative, cars aged five and seven years will receive a one-year exemption from MOT requirements. Approximately 115,000 cars fall within the eligibility criteria, offering relief for a limited duration.

The temporary exemptions will benefit private cars registered between June 1, 2019, and May 31, 2020, or between June 1, 2017, and May 31, 2018, provided they hold a valid MOT certificate. This strategic approach seeks to streamline the MOT process and enhance efficiency within the system. Source One-year MOT exemption certificates for Northern Ireland cars aged five to seven years | UTV | ITV News

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