How Can I Get My Car Inspected if MOT is Scrapped?

Turborevs features ways you canget your car inspected without the MOT..

The UK is known for its road safety standards throughout the globe, owing to its strict road safety checking through the annual Ministry of Transport (MOT) test. However, the country’s PM has proposed to scrap the annual MOT test in a recent cabinet meeting to curb the UK’s cost-of-living crisis.

In case the proposition is accepted, the result will significantly affect motorists. Since road safety is still essential for drivers, alternatives to the MOT test will be needed. Turborevs features a few ways through which you can get your car inspected if the annual MOT is scrapped.

Visit an Auto Mechanic

Visiting an auto mechanic is a good alternative the the MOT test.

Road safety is something that should never be compromised, making safety inspection a necessity for all vehicles. In case the annual MOT gets scrapped, one solution could be to visit a local auto mechanic. Getting your car checked by a professional will help in maintenance, along with ensuring that the vehicle is perfectly optimised.

This solution may be a bit on the pricy side, albeit a necessary one, since ensuring frequent vehicle inspections are pertinent to road safety. However, these prices parallel that of the MOT test, making this solution a good alternative to the test.

Inspect Your Car Yourself

youe car can be inspected yourself to check for any signs of damage.

Another alternative to the annual MOT test could be to inspect your car’s safety yourself. Doing so will save you hundreds of Pounds, and remove the need of visiting any professional. The MOT’s safety and inspection guidelines should be followed while inspecting the car. This includes checking your vehicle’s tyre treads, windscreen, wipers, lights, seats, and mirrors.

If your car’s safety standards are not up-to-the-mark, visiting a local auto mechanic will become necessary. However, most modern cars have several safety features and do not require frequent maintenance. In such cases, a simple self-inspection can be enough to ensure that your vehicle is on par with the MOT’s standardised safety guidelines.


With the cabinet’s decision still on the table, the UK’s motorists are speculating the effects of passing this proposed plan. In case the annual MOT test gets scrapped completely, car owners can still get their car inspected through other methods. The methods discussed in this article serve as the perfect alternatives to the annual MOT test, allowing motorists to make their cars safe and optimised.

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