Are Cherry Bomb Exhausts Good?

Turborevs features an article explaining the benefits of cherry bomb exhausts.

Upgraded exhaust systems are a staple in any modified vehicle, especially considering the immense number of benefits that you can gain from a better exhaust system. One common modification that most car enthusiasts opt for is a cherry bomb exhaust – a sound muffling exhaust system that offers performance benefits with a rumbling presence.

If you’re new to these exhaust systems are are not sure if they are worth it or not, we have you covered, as Turborevs features an article explaining the benefits of cherry bomb exhausts.

What is a Cherry Bomb Exhaust?

Before delving further into the question of whether or not these exhaust system are good, it is essential to first understand what they entail. A cherry bomb exhaust is simply an exhaust backbox that is a singe tube made out of glass with small holes dotted throughout the length of the tube. The holes throughout the exhaust muffle the sound, cancelling out high-frequency sound and leaving behind a rumbling, throaty sound.

Normal exhaust systems have a resonating box which serves the purpose of cancelling out sound waves and reducing the overall noise of the exhaust. Cherry bomb exhausts, on the other hand, lack a resonating box, meaning the sound produced by them will be much higher and stronger – exactly what car enthusiasts are on the lookout for. 

Are Cherry Bomb Exhausts Good?

Moving on to the question at hand – yes, cherry bomb exhausts can be described as a good exhaust system that serves several purposes, ranging from an aesthetic upgrade to a complete performance boost. The primary benefit that most petrol lovers adore is the rumbling old-school sound produced by these exhausts.

The benefits are much more than that as you may also experience a slight increase in performance. Since the exhaust consists of a single tube, the exhaust flow becomes much smoother, ensuring there is no pressure on the engine and that the gases are able to freely move out from the system. Regular exhausts are known for creating a backlog on the engine, but cherry bomb exhausts solve this issue with ease. 

However, these exhausts require more maintenance compared to their counterparts, especially due to the glass tube that runs though the middle of the exhaust system, as it is fragile and it will require regular cleaning to avoid any sorts of blockages or obstructions.


In short, cherry bomb exhausts are a good investment as they offer a number of benefits and are capable of increasing your car’s value as well. With an increase in performance and an added aesthetic of a roaring exhaust sound, you car will become truly revved up with the addition of a cherry bomb exhaust. However, since the exhaust comprises of a glass tube on the inside, regular maintenance will be necessary to ensure the longevity of your exhaust system.

Find some of the best cherry bomb exhausts at Turborevs and take your car’s performance to the next level. 

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