What Is the Purpose of a Cherry Bomb Exhaust?

Turborevs features an article explaining the purpose of a cherry bomb exhaust.

Cherry bomb mufflers are a common modification among the motorsports community, mostly owing to the rumbling sound these systems offer. As most petrol lovers want to achieve that old-school roaring noise, most look towards revving up their exhaust systems, as these parts are where the true magic takes place.

For those that are new to car modification and want to take their exhaust systems up a notch, cherry bomb filters are the right place to start. If you’re not sure what these filters entail and what their purpose is, we have you covered, as Turborevs features an article explaining the purpose of a cherry bomb exhaust.

What are Cherry Bomb Exhausts and How Do They Work?

Cherry bomb exhausts essentially serve the same purpose as a regular exhaust, but with a slight difference. The part where the two differ is that regular exhausts have a resonating chamber, while cherry bomb exhausts lack this part.

A resonating chamber serves the purpose of lowering the sound produced by the exhaust system. The chamber works by reflecting the sound waves back within the chamber, lowering the overall strength and intensity of the noise before it leaves the exhaust. As cherry bomb systems lack this chamber and only have a straight tube instead, the sound leaves the system in its full intensity, giving out a rumbling sound.

However, the cherry bomb exhaust does muffle high frequency sounds, but this is exactly what car enthusiasts look for as the sound produced by it is a low-frequency growling sound.

What is the Purpose of a Cherry Bomb Exhaust?

As explained before, cherry bomb exhausts lack a resonating chamber, meaning the sound waves coming out of the exhaust do not get cancelled out. This produces a strong, low-intensity growling sound that is exactly what car tweakers are on the lookout for. Moreover, these exhaust systems have a single tube that allows exhaust gases to move out more freely. This reduces any load on the engine and increases its power.

The tube in cherry bomb systems is made out of glass, with holes dotted throughout its body. This ensures that higher frequency sounds get muffled while travelling through the tube, leaving behind lower-frequency sounds that produce that iconic old-school rumbling sound.


Petrol lovers are obsessed with that rumbling exhaust sound associated with old-school race cars, and achieving that sound is now easier than ever. Cherry bomb exhausts are an easy way to obtain that aesthetic, with an added benefit of a smoother exhaust flow. However, every region has their own laws pertaining to modifying exhaust systems, so it is best that you check with your local laws and regulations about vehicles and car modifications.

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