Blow Off Valves (BOV)

Subaru Impreza 2001 - 2006 Wrx-0

What is a Dump valve
Also known as the compressor bypass valve. The Dump valve is intended to protect your turbo. If you should suddenly release the throttle (while on boost), the dump valve opens and dumps (by the dump tube) the inlet pressure.

What are the benefits of having a Turborevs dump valve?
Turborevs dump valves flow up to 200% on most standard units, resulting in less turbo lag and strain on your turbo. Standard units do not offer the same great sound as a Turborevs dump valve.

How do I fit a dump valve to my car?
Its simple just click on the click link and follow the simple steps –  click here

If my car is an automatic can I still fit a dump valve?
Yes, most of the dump valve benefits can still be enjoyed, even if your car is an automatic.

If my car does not have a turbo can I still fit a dump valve?
No, dump valves can only be fitted to cars with a turbo.

Why should I buy a Turborevs Dump valve?
To eliminate compressor surge when changing gears. Excessive back pressure is created when the throttle is closed during gear changes or deceleration, causing turbo cavitation. This is detrimental to the life of your turbocharger, however fitting a dump valve will substanly improve this problem. By installing a dump valve you will significantly reduce turbo spool up time. You will notice a substantial improvement in response from your turbo between gearshifts. Boost will come on earlier giving an increase in torque at lower RPM.

If I increase my boost pressure will I need a Dump valve?
Yes, by increasing your boost pressure there will be more strain on the turbo between shifts, with a Turborevs Dump valve you can cure this problem.

What if my car does not have a turbo, can I still use a Boost controller?

I have a twin turbo car and I want a Dump valve?
No problem, depending on the configuration of the intake plumbing and engine capacity, you may need two Dump valves.

I have a turbo diesel car can I use a Turborevs Dump valve?
No, Diesel engines operate on a different principal to petrol engines and therefore a Dump valve cannot be used.

Where can I buy Turborevs Dump Valves?
Check out here to Purchase

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