HKS style SSQV Dump Valves

HKS style SSQV Dump Valves

The Super Sequential Blow-Off Valve (SSQV) is a dual stage pull-type relief dump valve. Unlike traditional push type dump valves, the SSQV will not leak under any level of boost because the boost pressure in the chamber keeps the valve closed against its seat. The SSQV releases excess boost when there is a pressure alteration in the valve, not by the rate of boost pressure or vacuum in the line. This means you get a quick valve response and complete closure during idle. Many competitors use a push-type blow-off valve design with a large valve to accommodate high boost / high horsepower applications. These large valves react slowly and require high pressure to open. They are not able to activate and prevent compressor surge at light-load conditions. On the other hand, smaller, fast reacting push-type valves do not discharge the airflow capacity required for high horsepower applications and tend to slowly open and leak as boost pressure overpowers the spring. For the best of both worlds, our SSQV incorporates a small primary valve for ultra quick activation, and a larger secondary valve for additional discharge capacity. The SSQV is engineered to initially open the small primary valve at light throttle and load conditions (Like in the second picture), then sequentially opens the secondary valve for additional relief capacity when you floor it. The SSQV is made of polished billet aluminium, which ensures long-term durability and stays looking great for years.

Decent SSQV dump valves like ours have a unique sound unlike cheaper piston or diaphragm dump valves. This is due to the triple-fin discharge port design. Because if its shape and size it makes a powerful, unique and aggressive blow-off sound.

Our SSQV dump valves are very similar in sound, size and finish to more expensive SSQV dump valves. The only differences being ours are half the price.

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