Can Side Steps be Universal?

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Designed to offer accessibility and ground clearance – side steps are a must-have car accessory that can take your car’s aesthetic appeal to the next level. Side steps are referred to by many names – nerf bars, side bars, and side boards – yet they perform the same function of aiding entering and exiting your vehicle.

Side steps used to be a common sight in the early ages of vehicles since cars used to be lifted much higher. However, with paved roads and smooth highways, cars no longer require that ground clearance which is why they are much closer to the ground – eradicating the need for side steps. Today, side steps are merely used as an aesthetic accessory for cars, while larger cars still use them for aiding children and people with disabilities. With such widespread use, the question arises; can side steps be universal? Keep on reading to find out.

Can Side Steps be Universal?

The short answer to this question is Yes. Side steps can be both universal and model-specific based on the type of kit that you buy. We shall explain how, along with their differences with model-specific side steps.

Universal Side Steps

Yes, side steps can be universal if you buy a kit that specifically states ‘universal’. These side step kits can be mounted to any car and they will perform the same function of giving an extra step for entering the vehicle. Moreover, if you ever decide to sell your old car and buy a new one, you can remove the side steps and mount them to your new car, saving a lot of money.

However, universal side steps have several drawbacks which is why they are generally not preferred. These side steps do not provide the perfect fitting that model-specific side steps offer. Some cars are longer than others and universal side steps may not properly compliment the car’s body. Issues like these can put off people from buying these side steps.

Non-universal Side Steps

Non-universal or model-specific side steps are designed for specific cars and their models. These kits are made to fit a specific model perfectly, and they may not be attachable to other cars or models. Many car owners prefer these types of side steps as they ensure a perfect fit and their size compliments the body of the car.

The only drawback of model-specific side steps is that if you decide to buy a new vehicle, the old side steps will become useless for you. You can try to fit them into your new car but they might not properly attach or they might be either too short or too long.

The Bottom Line

In short, side steps can be universal. However, this will largely be dependent on the type of kit you buy for your car. Get your own side steps today from Turborevs’ collection and take your car’s aesthetic appeal to new heights.

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