Types of DPFs

In this article, Turborevs explains the various types of DPFs available in the market. Find the best DPF cleaners at Turborevs.

A diesel particulate filter or a DPF is an essential device found in diesel-powered vehicles. Since these diesel engines experience heavy combustion, they produce a lot of emissions, including soot. To filter out this soot, DPFs are employed. As diesel engines come in a variety of types, a universal DPF might not be fitting for all. Therefore, a few types of DPFs are available in the market, each one unique to specific types of diesel-powered vehicles.

For those that own a diesel-powered vehicle, understanding the different types of DPFs is essential. In this article, Turborevs explains the various types of DPFs available in the market.

Types of DPFs

Since diesel engines can be found in several types of vehicles, ranging from pickups, semis, and trucks, each type has specific needs that can only be fulfilled by designated DPF. Following are some of the different types of DPF filters available in the market.

Catalysed Diesel Particulate Filters

Catalysed diesel particulate filter has a catalyst inside.

Regular DPFs function by trapping the soot produced by the engine, and burning it off through active or passive regeneration. Catalysed diesel particulate filters are unique as they also burn off the grime to produce carbon dioxide and water. 

This is achieved through a catalytic coating which lowers the temperatures that are required by the soot to be burnt off. Catalysed DPFs are much more efficient than their traditional counterparts as they are capable of entrapping much more soot, and are slightly more eco-friendly.

Ceramic Diesel Particulate Filters

Ceramic Diesel Particulate Filters are another type of DPF

Ceramic DPFs do not have the ability to passively regenerate themselves, meaning the soot accumulated within the filter must be burnt off manually. Usually, fuel is injected into the DPF filter which is then burnt. This produces high temperatures within the DPF, allowing the soot to be burnt off with ease.

Coated Diesel Particulate Filters

Coated diesel particulate filters are extremely efficient as they are able to trap carbon deposits within the filter, barring them from entering the atmosphere. Moreover, the filter is able to clean off itself automatically, therefore creating a self-sustained regeneration process. This is due to a special regeneration unit attached to the DPF that allows regeneration to take place at lower temperatures with ease.


As diesel-powered engines are quite heavy-duty, they have specific requirements, especially in terms of exhaust emissions. Since these engines produce large amounts of dangerous soot, DPFs are used to entrap this hazardous waste product. However, a variety of types of DPFs are available, each one specific to different vehicle types. For those that own a diesel-powered vehicle, knowing which type goes will with your vehicle is crucial.

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