Does a DPF Cleaner actually work?

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) serves as a filtration device for the exhaust systems of diesel-powered vehicles. Since these engines are heavy-duty, they produce another by-product – soot. However, this excretion can be quite harmful for the environment, which is why a DPF is employed, capable of trapping the soot from the engine.

These filters have a limit, and the soot must eventually be burnt off. To ease the process, a DPF cleaner is used, which is capable of making the process of burning the grime more seamless. However, many doubt the efficacy of these cleaners and whether they actually need one for their vehicle or not. In this article, Turborevs answers this question in detail.

How Does a DPF Cleaner Work?

DPF cleaners are essential for the maintenance of these filters.

To answer the question of whether these cleaners actually work or not, it is important to first explain how the cleaner actually works. Diesel particulate filters generally clean themselves through a process known as regeneration. The heat from the engine gets high enough to burn off the soot stored in the filter. However, this is only possible at high speeds, such as driving on the motorway. 

The process fails to take place on city roads as trucks and other diesel-powered vehicles are unable to reach those speeds required for burning the grime. This is where DPF cleaners come in, a chemical additive that is capable of artificially starting the regeneration process.

DPF cleaners work by reducing the temperature required by the soot to be burnt off. This means that even at menial temperatures, the soot will be burnt and converted into carbon dioxide and ash. It is recommended to use a DPF cleaner after every 2-3 fresh tanks of fuel, as this is the amount of fuel that is needed to produce enough soot to completely fill up a diesel particulate filter.

Does a DPF Cleaner Actually Work?

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The short answer is, yes. DPF cleaners do actually work as their chemical formula allows them to act as a catalyst, speeding up the burning process while simultaneously lowering the required temperature to burn off the soot. Whenever the dash lamp light goes off for the DPF, simply pour in the DPF cleaner into the device, and the light will go away in a matter of mere seconds. This not only shows the cleaner’s efficacy but also its effectiveness in terms of clearing out the soot, and ensures that these cleaners do actually work.


Diesel particulate filters are an essential device in all diesel-powered vehicles. Having one installed for your vehicle is a must as they not only improve your vehicle’s overall performance but also make it slightly more eco-friendly. Since these devices are delicate, regular maintenance is essential, which also entails regularly using a DPF cleaner to clear out the soot accumulated within the filters. These cleaners have proven their efficacy time and again with their effectiveness in clearing out the residual grime within DPFs.

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