Difference Between 6V and 12V Ride-on Cars

Turborevs features a difference between 6V and 12V ride on toy cars.

Ride-on toy cars are one of the most popular toys on the market for children. Being both practical and functional, these toys are perfect for kids with an interest in vehicles and a passion for adventure. These cars come in a variety of types, with different battery-power options as well.

The most common types are the 12V and 6V ride-on cars, with the main difference lying in the overall power of the car. However, it is essential to properly understand the difference between these two types before getting one for your child. Turborevs features an in-depth analysis on the difference between 12V and 6V ride-on cars.

Power Voltage

ride on cars differ on their power voltage.

The main difference between these two ride-on cars is the voltage of their batteries. As evident from their names, 6V cars offer much less power as compared to their 12V counterparts. This voltage further affects a few functionalities of the car such as average speed.

For younger children, a 6V ride-on car is a much safer option since the top speed is limited, while 12V cars offer much higher speeds – suitable for older children.


Prices of 6V and 12V cars do not have a significant difference; however, they still vary. 6V ride-on cars tend to be cheaper. Despite having a higher price, 12V cars have gained higher popularity over the years.


ride on toy cars have different battery sizes.

Despite running on different voltages, battery life does not vary much between 6V and 12V ride-on cars. Both types of cars can run for almost 1-2 hours straight before needing to be charged again. Also, the batteries should be regularly replaced once their battery life is over.


Oddly enough, 6V and 12V cars do not come in specific sizes, as each type can be found in a number of variations and sizes. This means you can find the right size for your child in both 6V and 12V car types.


Ride-on cars have taken over the children’s toys market, owing to their range of uses and practicality. Parents can find a wide variety of these cars in several sizes, meaning there’s a perfect fit for every child out there. These cars not only offer a variety of styles but also offer different voltage types. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks, and understanding the differences is essential before getting one for your child.

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