The Beginners Guide to Front Mount Intercoolers

Turborevs features everything you need to know about front mount intercoolers.

Intercoolers are mechanical devices that are meant to cooldown the engine through air circulation and forced induction. These devices are usually installed in turbocharged vehicles, since they require a much higher output from engines.

Intercoolers come in a few types such as front mount and side mount intercoolers, and understanding each one is essential before getting one for your vehicle. Turborevs features an article focusing on front mount intercoolers.

What is a Front Mount Intercooler?

As the name suggests, a front mount intercooler refers to having the intercooler mounted to the front side of your vehicle. Some vehicles come with a pre-installed intercooler in this location, while others have it customised and mounted later on.

Purpose of a Front Mount Intercooler

Front mount intercoolers are a premium option for cooling.

Just like other intercoolers, front mount intercoolers perform the same function of cooling down the engine by circulating cool air through the engine. However, the location of the intercooler plays a major role in the cooling process. Hence, many people prefer to have their intercooler mounted to the front.

Front mount intercoolers are air-to-air intercoolers, meaning air is used to cool down the hot air coming from the turbochargers. Front mount intercoolers have a characteristic metallic body, consisting of several tubes and fins. The hot air coming from the turbochargers passes through these tubes and fins that are exposed to the external air. When the hot air comes in contact with the atmosphere, induction takes place, cooling down the circulating engine air significantly.

Through this process, heat is released into the atmosphere while the cooled circulating air is pumped back into the intake manifold of the engine.

Benefits of Front Mount Intercoolers

Front mount intercoolers are generally preferred among car owners due to the immense benefits that they offer. Firstly, these intercoolers are easier to install since they are mounted externally, taking minimal engine space. Moreover, these intercoolers are cheaper and require less maintenance as compared to their side-mount counterparts.

Since external air is used as a coolant in these intercoolers, there is no need for a liquid coolant, reducing costs significantly.


Intercoolers are an important aspect of turbocharged vehicles, as they offer better performance and an efficient engine. Out of the various types of intercoolers, front-mount intercoolers stand out as they offer a wide range of benefits and functionalities.

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