Disadvantages of Decat Pipes

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Decat pipes or delete catalyst refers to taking off your vehicle’s catalyst. Many factors reduce an engine’s horsepower, and catalytic converters are one of them. Car enthusiasts have their cars undergo this simple process to improve their engine’s performance and in turn horsepower.

However, along with these benefits come several disadvantages that cannot be ignored. This article talks about the disadvantages that come along with decat pipes.

Increased Air Pollution

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One of the foremost disadvantages of decat pipes is the exponential increase in air pollution. Catalytic converters play a significant role in cleaning and removing toxins from your car’s emissions. It oxidises unburned hydrocarbons and reduces the amount of nitrogen in the exhaust stream. These are part of the overall system that almost all modern cars have for a cleaner environment. 

Catalysts also reduce the overall temperature of the gaseous waste being excreted by the engine. This reduction in temperature is crucial as high-temperature waste can be harmful to the environment. By opting out of catalytic converters and having them removed, the environment will take a major hit as your vehicle will constantly emit harmful gaseous waste, severely damaging the ecosystem.

Increase in Engine Noise

Even though the main purpose of a catalytic converter is to simply reduce the poisonous gaseous waste, these devices can also alter the sound coming out of your exhaust. Some catalytic converters can muffle this sound. 

Installing decat pipers and having your catalyst removed will result in an altered sound, one which is much louder and higher. This might change the way your car sounds and it may even be uncomfortable for some. 

Reduced Acceleration

Despite increasing overall horsepower, decat pipes are prone to having issues with acceleration. The result of having your car’s catalyst removed may end up being a sluggish initial acceleration. Without a proper catalyst, the engine has to work harder to push out the gaseous fumes that lack enough oxygen for combustion. 

The whole process within the engine becomes slowed down and this results in undesirable performance. Moreover, the exhaust excretes a thick black smoke in the absence of a catalyst. This will make it harder for you to tell apart an actual problem in the engine from just the black smoke being excreted as a result of not having a catalyst. 

The Bottom Line

Decat pipes can offer several benefits for your car such as increased performance and higher horsepower, revving it up to new heights. However, considering the negatives is also important so that you could make the right decision for your car. Head over to Turborevs and find the right decat pipes for your car.

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