Types of Door Kits you can choose from

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Door kits are one of the most overlooked aspects of a car while being modified. You might think your car’s doors serve no purpose other than safety and protection. However, doors are capable of offering much more, easily taking your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal to the next level.

Your car’s door can easily become the centre of attention. This depends on the type of door kit you choose for your car and whether it compliments it or not. In this article, we bring you the different types of door kits you can choose from.

Scissor Doors

Picture of as ports car with scissor doors

One of the most striking and eye-catching door designs is the scissor door. You may have seen this design on exclusive brands such as the McLaren or Lamborghini door kit. These doors swing up vertically when opened, instead of opening outward like normal car doors.

The door is attached to the car with a frontal hinge, making the door open vertically like a pair of scissors.

Butterfly Doors

Picture of a car with butterfly door

These doors are similar to scissor doors in their style. However, the difference lies in their point of attachment. Butterfly doors open by swinging out through the hinges fixed along the A-pillar. 

These doors are much more convenient than the scissor doors as they offer more space and practicality. You might have seen these doors on cars such as the BMW Z1, Ferraro Enzo, etc.

Sliding Doors

Picture of a car with sliding door

Sliding doors are attached to the car along the sides of the roof. These doors are usually present in minivans, vans, and buses, as they allow for a much larger area for entrance or exit. These doors are quite practical as they make it easier to load or unload heavy objects.

Today, sliding doors have fallen out of style for most car models. However, some vehicles could still benefit from the retro aesthetics of sliding doors.

Swan Doors

Swan doors protrude outwards.

Swan doors are similar to conventional doors in their functioning. However, they opens much widely, and they boasts an impeccable style that represents the elegance of a swan. Moreover, swan doors offer practicality as well.

Since the doors open horizontally, worrying about the ceiling being low won’t be an issue. A few cars that already boast this style are the GTA Spano and Jaguar C-X 75.

Gull-Wing Doors

Gull-wing doors resemble the shape of wings.

These doors are also known as falcon-wing doors, owing to their wing-like stature. The doors open vertically, giving the shape of a seagull. The doors are attached to the car via hinges on the top of the roof.

A few note-worthy cars with these doors are the Mercedes Benz 300SL and the DMC DeLorean.

The Bottom Line

Doors are not just a means of entering or exiting the car. Rather these parts can turn into an aesthetic accessory than can take your car’s appearance to new heights. Head over to Turborevs and find the right door kit for your car

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