Does an Induction Kit Add Horsepower to Your Car?

Turborevs explains how induction kits increase horsepower.

For those into vehicle tuning and car modifications, having an induction kit is a must. Similar to regular air filters, induction kits perform the same function of providing the engine with a continuous supply of fresh air. However, these devices perform a few added functions, such as cooling down the air to increase oxygen density and removing the noise reduction systems that inhibit the engine from producing a thunderous sound.

One question that commonly circles the motorsports community about induction kits is whether they increase your vehicle’s horsepower or not. In this article, Turborevs answers this question in considerable detail.

Why use an Induction Kit?

Induction kits are perfect for cooling down the engine air.

Induction kits are the bread and butter of car modifiers, as they not only enhance your driving experience but also offer several benefits ranging from improved performance to better torque. However, the primary reason for most motor enthusiasts is the added roaring sound of the engine that comes with induction kits.

Induction kits lack ‘turbulence cancellation’, a phenomenon that is present in most air filters, responsible for limiting the noise of engines. Since induction kits do not posses this feature, they allow the natural thunderous sound of the engine to echo through. 

Does an induction kit add Horsepower to your car?

In short, yes, an induction kit can indeed boost the horsepower of your vehicle. On average, vehicles with an induction kit experience a 5 percent increase in horsepower as compared to non-induction kit vehicles. Induction kits come with a cooling unit that cools down the air and makes it dense, resulting in air with much higher concentration of oxygen molecules.

Since oxygen is the main driving force behind the combustion process, more oxygen will result in a much stronger and more efficient combustion process. This will offer more power and increase the average horsepower of your vehicle. Along with boosting horsepower, you will also experience an increase in torque.

The Bottom Line

Induction kits are a popular modification among tuners – and rightly so, as these devices not only elevate your driving experience but also offer tangible benefits such as improved torque, higher horsepower, and increased engine performance. Therefore, having an induction kit installed is a must if you want increased power and an engine that can roar.

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