Will a Cold Air Intake Increase BHP?

In this article, Turborevs explains whether or not a cold air intake increases BHP.

For those that have a profound interest in cars, hearing about a cold air intake unit is nothing new, as these devices are the basics of car tuning and modification. A cold air intake primarily serves the purpose of reducing the temperature of the air around the engine bay to ensure the engine is fed cool, fresh air. The effects of this, however, go much farther than simply keeping the engine cool, as having a cold intake unit can offer several other benefits as well.

One of the most common questions that makes rounds in the motorsports community pertaining to cold air intake units is whether these devices increase horsepower or not. Turborevs answers this question in detail, along with offering insight into the other benefits that these devices offer.

What is a cold air intake unit?

A cold air intake boosts overall performance.

As the name suggests, a cold air intake serves the purpose of cooling down the air around the engine bay area, which is then fed into the intake manifold of the engine. This is a necessary component in any performance vehicle, as the engine tends to heat up significantly. 

Moreover, cooler air is denser and has a much higher concentration of oxygen – the main driving component in the combustion process. With a stronger combustion process, your vehicle will also experience other benefits and an overall improved driving experience.

Will a cold air intake increase Horsepower?

Moving onto the pressing matter of whether or not a cold air intake will increase horsepower, the short answer is yes, you will experience a boost in horsepower with this device. On average, an increase of 5 percent can be experienced with a cold air intake unit attached to your vehicle. Since the combustion process becomes much more powerful with the addition of more oxygen molecules, the resulting reaction will give off more horsepower.

Your vehicle will also experience other benefits as well such as improved mileage, primarily due to more output with the same fuel used as before. Despite being a minor increase, the slight improvement can go a long way.

The Bottom Line

Being versatile devices, cold air intakes have a lot to offer in terms of performance and overall driving experience. However, another profound benefit of these devices is the obvious increase in horsepower. Along with higher power, your vehicle might also experience better control and improved mileage, making these devices a must for any car enthusiast.

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