Does an Induction Kit make your car faster?

Turborevs explains whether or not induction kits have an effect on your vehicle’s performance.

With the motorsport community’s obsession with speed, car enthusiasts regularly tune and modify their cars with parts that can boost performance. One such modification is an induction kit, a device that serves as an air filter with a few added benefits. Some induction kits also come with a cold air intake, revving up their value further.

One resonating question throughout the community pertaining to induction kits is that do they make your car go faster? In this article, Turborevs answers this question in detail, explaining whether or not these devices have an effect on your vehicle’s performance.

Does an Induction kit increase your car’s speed?

Induction kits are perfect for cooling down the engine air.

The primary purpose of induction kits is to remove the limit on the engine’s sound, allowing it to produce its natural, roaring sound. However, some induction kits come with a cold air intake, a device which can have a profound effect on the performance of your vehicle. If your induction kit has a similar feature, then it will surely affect your vehicle’s speed.

Your car will experience a slight increase in speed, since the device is capable of increasing horsepower by a slight margin. Since these kits cool down the air before feeding it into the engine, the air entering the engine will be dense with a higher concentration of oxygen molecules. Therefore, the resulting combustion process will be exponentially stronger, giving out increased horsepower.

This extra horsepower is reflected in your vehicle’s speed, as there will be a slight bump in the top speed of your car. However, the increase is generally not noticeable, as performance engines tend to already be extremely fast. Nevertheless, even a minor increase in speed and power can go a long way in terms of saving fuel and offering a better driving experience.


Being the basics of car modification and tuning, induction kits are considered the stepping stones towards revving up your car for the optimal driving experience. Induction kits are generally used for promoting a natural sounding engine with a thunderous backdrop, but these devices are capable of offering a few other promising benefits as well, with the most profound one being an increase in horsepower. With more power, your vehicle will surely experience a much higher speed as well, taking your vehicle’s top speed a step further.

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