Front Mount Intercooler Kits | Are they worth it?

In this article, Turborevs features an in-depth analysis on Front Mount Intercoolers and their significance.

Intercoolers are crucial devices that are intended to cut the consumption of fuel while increasing the power and efficiency of the vehicle – simply by keeping the engine cool. Its task is to reduce the temperature of the inlet gas, and therefore, increase the density of the air which optimises the combustion process. Intercooler kits are more effective when they are installed on a supercharged or a turbocharged vehicle, as these engines make the inlet air too warm. 

In this article, Turborevs features an in-depth analysis on Front Mount Intercoolers and their significance.

What is a Front Mount Intercooler?

As the name suggests, front mount intercoolers are simply intercoolers that are mounted at the front of the car, behind the front bumper. Some vehicles have it pre-installed while others have it mounted and customized later on.

Effectiveness of a Front Mount Intercooler

A front mount intercooler is more efficient at cooling the engine at any power level. For low airflow conditions during slow driving, bigger cores can house bigger thermo fans which help in drawing ample cooler air from outside the vehicle. Since these intercooler kits are fitted away from the engine inlet, they also provide the benefit of soaking in less heat even at low speeds. 

These kits provide the best cooling as they face the front side, the same area from where the air enters into the engine. Its bigger surface area helps in cooling more air at once. Its placement outside the engine bay keeps the excessive heat away from the intercooler as well.

Are Front Mount Intercooler kits worth it?

There are two types of front mount intercoolers.

Most people will agree that using front mount intercoolers is the most efficient way to lessen air temperature in turbocharged vehicles. Nevertheless, some issues must be considered regarding this configuration. The location of other fittings such as lights and winches must be considered as they can cause an obstruction in airflow. Also, routing the charged air requires extra pipes and joints because it is fitted farther from the turbo and intake manifold.

A front mount intercooler is harder and more complex to install because of switching to extra piping and joins, so it might scare some people who are not used to modifications. These kits require maintenance and making sure that everything is working properly, which usually takes some time and work. They are also quite expensive to upgrade to and require modification to fit. 

Despite these factors, these front mount intercoolers are surely worth it, as they are extremely efficient at cooling the engine at every power level. Also, due to their placement at the front and outside of the engine bay, it helps in keeping away excessive heat.

The Bottom Line

In short, getting installed a front mount intercooler kit is a good option for those who want to keep their engine as cool as possible, even when the weather is too hot. It is also very effective in cooling down the car as it allows the air to reach every part of the engine without losing much energy in the process, resulting in better performance and an efficient engine.

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